This is the fourth article in our weekly series on real estate advertisements in the Townsville market. In this post, we look at the Property Attributes in real estate advertisements in 2023W03.

Apcree’s mission is “Real Estate. Automatic”. To achieve this, we report on the very first leading indicator of the real estate market – the real estate advertisement. Most real estate agents report on what has been sold, which only provides information on where the market has been – not where it is going.

We collect digital real estate advertising data daily and create a set of summary statistics every week. You are now reading our weekly “Suburb Report” which is the second of five reports we produce on Townsville real estate advertising every week. Learn more about what statistics we produce and why here Real Estate Advertising Reports

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Now all these statistics, visualisations and text takes a lot of work. In the North Queensland region alone we track about 700,000 data points per week. Our pencil sharpeners and calculators wore out a long time ago! We make extensive use of Natural Language Processing (AI) to generate content around the statistics. This technology is cutting edge, so the wording might not make sense to everyone all the time – if you need some further information we are working on a customer support service in the future.

Townsville Real Estate Advertising – Property Attributes Report

Our latest weekly Summary Report came out on Monday, you can see past editions by clicking here. A quick recap of this week’s main real estate advertising statistics is below.

Overall number of listings this week

Townsville had 11,699 real estate advertisements published in 2023W03.

Comparison to number of listings last week

Advertisements are tracked every day of every week. This means variations to previous periods can be calculated, following are some of these variations.

Advertisements compared to last week : [‘+97’, ‘+0.8%’]

Advertisements compared to all time average : [‘+11,558.36’, ‘+8,218.4%’]

We will look more closely at the specific Property Attributes being advertised below.

Property Types

Each week the mix of advertised property types in the Townsville real estate market changes. If you are selling a particular property type, it is important to understand how much competition there will be for your asset. Similarly, in buying real estate it is important to understand how many alternatives are available to consider. The top five property types advertised this week are: [‘house’, ‘apartmentunitflat’, ‘vacantland’, ‘newhouseland’, ‘acreagesemirural’]

For 2023W03 the mix of advertised property types is shown in the following chart.

Let’s take a deeper look into Townsville real estate advertising this week.

2023W03 Trends for Top 5 Property Types

Focussing on the most popular property types gives good insight into the main direction of the Townsville real estate market, without being diverted by statistics that include less popular property types. The proportion of property types to the entire number of real estate advertisements is listed below, on a weekly and quarterly basis.

  • Property type 1 HOUSE was 54.2% of advertisements. Quarterly average is 59.7% this week is down -9.2%
  • Property type 2 APARTMENTUNITFLAT was 17.2% of advertisements. Quarterly average is 18.9% this week is down -9.1%
  • Property type 3 VACANTLAND was 16.3% of advertisements. Quarterly average is 16.5% this week is down -1.6%
  • Property type 4 NEWHOUSELAND was 4.3% of advertisements. Quarterly average is 3.5% this week is up 22.1%
  • Property type 5 ACREAGESEMIRURAL was 1.4% of advertisements. Quarterly average is 1.4% this week is down -2.0%

Property Attributes in Detail

In our weekly analysis, Apcree breaks down the top five property types even further to show you the most popular configuration of real estate advertised for sale in 2023W03. Read on further to see the most popular configuration of real estate advertised for sale: the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms and the number of car spaces advertised for sale in Townsville.

Main Property Attributes by Property Type

Number Week Quarter
Most Advertised Bedrooms house 4.0 43.2% 41.1%
Most Advertised Bathrooms house 2.0 58.4% 56.0%
Most Advertised Car Spaces house 2.0 58.1% 56.4%
Number Week Quarter
Most Advertised Bedrooms apartmentunitflat 2.0 61.3% 62.1%
Most Advertised Bathrooms apartmentunitflat 2.0 54.5% 57.2%
Most Advertised Car Spaces apartmentunitflat 1.0 77.0% 77.7%
Number Week Quarter
Most Advertised Bedrooms vacantland 2.0 100.0% 13.4%
Most Advertised Bathrooms vacantland 1.0 100.0% 13.4%
Most Advertised Car Spaces vacantland 2.0 50.0% 42.5%
Number Week Quarter
Most Advertised Bedrooms newhouseland 4.0 82.9% 80.5%
Most Advertised Bathrooms newhouseland 2.0 97.1% 98.0%
Most Advertised Car Spaces newhouseland 2.0 90.0% 89.0%
Number Week Quarter
Most Advertised Bedrooms acreagesemirural 4.0 47.9% 53.3%
Most Advertised Bathrooms acreagesemirural 2.0 52.7% 51.7%
Most Advertised Car Spaces acreagesemirural 2.0 26.3% 15.8%

Property Features in Detail

Identical property types, even those with the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms or car parks; are valued very differently by buyers in the real estate market. One of the reasons for these differences is the additional features that one property offers that another does not. Apcree looks at the five most popular real estate features advertised in the Townsville real estate market in 2023W03.

  • Top Features for house: airconditioning, builtinwardrobes, fullyfenced, secureparking, ensuite
  • Top Features for apartmentunitflat: airconditioning, swimmingpool, builtinwardrobes, secureparking, ensuite
  • Top Features for vacantland: shed, swimmingpool, fullyfenced, cityviews, waterviews

Popular Property Types by Suburb

Another very important difference between different properties – some would so the most important – is the suburb that the advertised real estate is located in. Whilst the volume of real estate advertisements in a particular suburb is partly related to the total size of the suburb, buyers and sellers can learn about where deals are most likely to happen by looking at the volume of advertisements by property type in particular suburbs.

Following is a table of most popular Townsville suburbs by real estate advertisements for 2023W03.

Suburb Most Advertised Pct of Ads This Week Pct of Ads This Qtr
Advertised Property Type
house KIRWAN 10.0% 9.8%
apartmentunitflat TOWNSVILLE CITY 19.2% 19.2%
vacantland JENSEN 11.5% 10.9%
newhouseland BURDELL 28.1% 24.3%
acreagesemirural BLACK RIVER 13.1% 12.8%
townhouse BURDELL 13.5% 14.7%
blockofunits HERMIT PARK 15.0% 13.7%
newland JENSEN 44.4% 21.1%
rural MAJORS CREEK 31.2% 35.7%
duplex KIRWAN 19.8% 20.2%

Property Attributes by Method of Sale

Now you understand what sorts of real estate is being advertised in Townsville in 2023W03, the tactics being used to sell the property should be looked at. Apcree looks at the method of sale and advertising collateral to provide insight on how sellers are choosing to advertise their property for sale.

Method of Sale by Property Type

In selling real estate, the method of sale is the process used to convert interest from potential buyers into concrete offers to purchase. Sale methods aim to produce the best offer in the shortest period of time. Different property types are better suited to different methods of sale. In 2023W03, the most used methods of sale are shown in the ensuing tables.

Most Advertised Property Type by Method of Sale

Highest Advertised Type Pct of Week Ads Pct of Qtr Ads
Method of Sale
auction house 100.0% 92.0%
open for inspection house 80.2% 84.0%
list price house 48.4% 51.6%

Property Descriptions in Detail

Looking at property types, configurations and popular features advertised in the Townsville real estate market is informative quantitative analysis. Apcree also undertakes some weekly qualitative analysis on the descriptions used in real estate advertising. As the quote goes:

Good words are worth much, and cost little.

– George Herbert

The word cloud below summarises the 100 most popular words used in real estate advertisements in Townsville this week, limited to the top three property types. Words in larger type in the centre of the cloud are used most, smaller type towards the edge of the cloud are less popular.

Advertising Collateral by Property Type

Advertising collateral moves beyond the written word and helps tell the story of the property being advertised for sale. The type and volume of media collateral used varies in cost to produce, so statistics on the different collateral being utilised can buyers and sellers understand the level of commitment to a sale that the advertiser exhibits.

Apcree has assessed the different advertising media used in real estate advertisements in Townsville in 2023W03 below.

Most Advertised Property Type by Media Collateral

Highest Advertised Type Media Count Pct of Week Ads Pct of Qtr Ads
Advertising Collateral
floorplans house max 1 allowed 62.1% 64.6%
video house max 1 allowed 70.5% 70.1%
Images acreagesemirural 5.0 12.3% 1.3%

Real Estate Sale Channels by Property Types

The final variable that Apcree investigates each week is the channel used to connect buyers and sellers. In Australia, statistics vary but seem to indicate that over 98% of real estate sales are made via real estate agencies and the brokers that work for those agencies.

Property Types by Agency

In the Townsville real estate market, there isn’t generally the volume for an agency to specialise in a particular property type. However, agencies with higher advertiser volumes appear higher in searches for real estate types on property portals. This means it is still valuable to look at the highest advertising agencies by property type in Townsville. Below are the advertising volumes for 2023W03.

  • Top Agencies advertising house type: The Onsite Manager, Smith and Elliott Real Estate, SGA Sales
  • Top Agencies advertising apartmentunitflat type: The Onsite Manager, Terry Real Estate, Smith and Elliott Real Estate
  • Top Agencies advertising vacantland type: REMAX Excellence Townsville, @realty, Ray White Munro & Co
  • Top Agencies advertising newhouseland type: Oxbridge, M Property Townsville, Jindal Real Estate
  • Top Agencies advertising acreagesemirural type: @realty, Ray White Commercial Townsville, Raine & Horne Ayr

Property Types by Broker

There is more property type specialisation likely amongst individual real estate brokers in Townsville, although this is mainly driven by the broker’s suburb focus rather than a deeper knowledge of the property type. The highest advertising real estate brokers by property for Townsville in 2023W03 are shown in the following table.

  • Top Brokers advertising house type: Martin McDonough, Allison Gough, Giovanni Spinella
  • Top Brokers advertising apartmentunitflat type: Margaret Hill, Giovanni Spinella, Stephanie Turnbull
  • Top Brokers advertising vacantland type: Paul Fotinos, Adrian Raiteri, Allison Gough
  • Top Brokers advertising newhouseland type: Clarissa Perry, Rosalyn Gordon, Oxbridge Agents
  • Top Brokers advertising acreagesemirural type: Ken Entriken, Grant Davison, Stephanie Turnbull

Trend of Property Types Advertised

The Townsville real estate market moves every day. Whilst Apcree takes a weekly snapshot of the property types and analyses the trends, sometimes it can be beneficial to take a wider perspective. Have a look at how property types advertised changes over time in the graph below.


In closing, we’ve looked at real estate advertising in the Townsville property market over the week 2023W03. We analysed in further detail the types and attributes of the properties being advertised, looking at:

  • Property Types
  • Property Configurations
  • Property Features
  • Property Types by Suburb
  • Property Types by Method of Sale
  • Advertising Collateral by Property Type
  • Agencies and Brokers by Property Type

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