Townsville Real Estate Advertising – Summary Report Week 42 2022

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Written By Andrea Apcree

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About Real Estate Statistics

Characteristics of real estate advertisements give important insights into current market conditions and market sentiment. Advertising is often the first visible indication that a property is being offered for sale. This means future sales volumes, pricing levels and transaction rates all flow from real estate advertising.

Future sales volumes, pricing and transactions all flow from the real estate advertisement.


Apcree’s mission is “Real Estate. Automatic”. To achieve this, we report on the very first leading indicator of the real estate market – the real estate advertisement. Most real estate agents report on what has been sold, which only provides information on where the market has been – not where it is going.

Our Research Methods

We collect digital real estate advertising data daily and create a set of summary statistics every week. Our flagship “Regional Real Estate Statistics” report is released every week across social media, news platforms and our website.

This report covers the North Queensland region. The region is centred on Townsville but extends west to the Northern Territory border (places like Mount Isa, Hughenden and Charters Towers are covered) north to Ingham and south to the Burdekin townships of Ayr and Home Hill.

Email subscribers receive a copy of the Regional Real Estate Statistics report 48 hours before the wider audience – this gives subscribers a two-day advantage to assess the report and identify opportunities. You can subscribe for free to receive the Regional Real Estate Statistics report here.

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Statistics without context or explanation are useless. We add a range of informative data visualisations to graphically demonstrate these statistics. We also add context to the statistics by providing descriptions of trends and categories that are observed in the data.

Now all these statistics, visualisations and text takes a lot of work. In the North Queensland region alone we track about 700,000 data points per week. Our pencil sharpeners and calculators wore out a long time ago! We make extensive use of Natural Language Processing (AI) to generate content around the statistics. This technology is cutting edge, so the wording might not make sense to everyone all the time – if you need some further information we are working on a customer support service in the future.

Regional Statistics for the Week

Overall number of listings this week

The North Queensland Greater region had 12,288 real estate advertisements published in 2022W42. There were #321 new advertisements this week, with #% of advertisements being repeats from previous periods.

Comparison to number of listings last week

The North Queensland Greater region had 12,288 real estate advertisements published in 2022W42. There were #321 new advertisements this week, with #% of advertisements being repeats from previous periods.

Suburb Activity

The North Queensland Greater region had 12,288 real estate advertisements published in 2022W42. There were #321 new advertisements this week, with #% of advertisements being repeats from previous periods.

The statistics period is : 2022W42

Number of listings this week : 12,288

Compared to last week : [‘+1,775’, ‘+16.9%’]

Compared to all time : [‘+12,202.41’, ‘+14,256.4%’]

top 5 Suburbs by number fo listings : {‘KIRWAN’: 916, ‘NORTH WARD’: 559, ‘TOWNSVILLE CITY’: 554, ‘MOUNT LOUISA’: 540, ‘KELSO’: 474}


Prices shown on listings : 29.2%

Property Features – No of Bedrooms – Most Advertised : bedsTwo

Property Features – No of Bathrooms – Most Advertised : bathsTwo

Real Estate Agency – Most Advertisements : Explore Property Townsville

Real Estate Broker – Most Advertisements : Alex Strens

Most Active Suburbs

A total of #suburb count# are now being tracked in the North Queensland region. This week advertisements were recorded in #active suburbs.

Real estate advertising was most heavily concentrated in #suburb with #321 advertisements during the week. Other suburbs with strong levels of advertising were #suburb (#123 advertisements) #suburb 3 … 5

Overall the Top 5 suburbs made up #% of the total advertising volume for the week ending #date.

Least Active Suburbs

Looking at the least active areas of the North Queensland Region, a total of #count suburbs had no active advertisements recorded during the week. A further #count suburbs only recorded 1 listing advertisement for the week ending #date.

Suburb Trends

Conclusions on this Week’s Statistics

Real estate advertising levels in the North Queensland region are a lead indicator of the performance of the real estate market over the coming months. Advertising is concentrated in a small number of suburbs, with #% of advertisements coming from just five suburbs across the region.

Real Estate Statistics Special Reports

Following this summary report for the North Queensland region, we produce four more detailed Special Reports. These Special Reports will be released in the next four days. These reports cover the following areas:

  • Suburb Statistics Special Report: our weekly report shows only a summary of suburb information for the week. To learn more about the various property types being advertised, and what pricing levels or clearance days are like across suburbs we produce the Suburb Statistics Special Report. Regardless of whether you are buying, selling or researching real estate this report will provide additional information.
  • Method of Sale & Advertising Information Special Report: there is a range of different ways that real estate can be bought or sold. We look at auction levels, open for inspections and list prices. In advertising real estate there are a number of alternatives when it comes to creative content. This Special Report helps sellers compare the various methods and content executions – important if you are considering a real estate sale.
  • Property Attributes Special Report: while every piece of real estate is different, buyers and sellers transact by comparing real estate according to the attributes advertised. With this Special Report, buyers can see what attributes are commonly available in the market as well as understand the relative differences in real estate being offered. Sellers can consider the range and variety of competing real estate currently on the market.
  • Agency & Broker Special Report: we look at the biggest real estate agencies advertising in the North Queensland region and the individual brokers with advertisements across the region. If you are considering a property sale and consider size and activity level to be important factors, this report lets you know which agency and which broker you should reach out to.

Each of these Special Reports is released on separate days each week, following the Regional Real Estate Statistics report coming out on Mondays. You can subscribe to one or more of the Special Reports by joining our mailing list here. Subscribers get these reports 48 hours before the broader market – giving subscribers a two day advantage in analysing and acting on these reports.

Future Enhancements

At present, our real estate advertising data comes from a single source: Due to cost constraints (our regional Statistics reports are always free) we only look at the North Queensland region at present. We would like to add more real estate advertising sources and greater detail across more regions in the future.

Other enhancements to the Regional Real Estate Statistics package will be added in the coming months. Enhancements like trend analysis, polls and sentiment analysis along with expert and public commentary are all on the way.

If independent, unbiased and free regional real estate Statistics are important to you, please sign up for our weekly North Queensland Statistics newsletter here. As we grow, more regions, sources and different details will be added. Regional Statistics will always be free.


Apcree is a start-up property technology firm based in Townsville, Queensland. You can learn more about Apcree here. Our real estate statistics are managed by one of North Queensland’s most qualified and experienced property economists. The algorithms used to generate our statistics ensure they remain independent and unbiased.

We receive a small amount of revenue from advertisements on this page. We are proudly “powered by domain” who provide free access to their real estate advertising data. To learn more about Apcree’s growth you can follow us on social media or sign up for one of our research or company reports here.

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