Apcree’s mission is “Real Estate. Automatic”. To achieve this, we report on the very first leading indicator of the real estate market – the real estate advertisement. Most real estate agents report on what has been sold, which only provides information on where the market has been – not where it is going.

We collect digital real estate advertising data daily and create a set of summary statistics every week. You are now reading our weekly “Summary Report” which is the first of five reports we produce on Townsville real estate advertising every week.

Now all these statistics, visualisations and text takes a lot of work. In the North Queensland region alone we track about 700,000 data points per week. Our pencil sharpeners and calculators wore out a long time ago! We make extensive use of Natural Language Processing (AI) to generate content around the statistics. This technology is cutting edge, so the wording might not make sense to everyone all the time – if you need some further information we are working on a customer support service in the future.

Townsville Real Estate Advertising Statistics for the Week

Overall number of listings this week

Townsville had 11,403 real estate advertisements published in 2023W07.

Comparison to number of listings last week

Advertisements are tracked every day of every week. This means variations to previous periods can be calculated, following are some of these variations.

Advertisements compared to last week : [‘-132’, ‘-1.1%’]

Advertisements compared to all time average : [‘+11,260.15’, ‘+7,882.7%’]

Below is a line chart of advertising volumes in Townsville over the past 13 weeks (last quarter) which shows the week-to-week changes in real estate advertising.

Suburb Activity for 2023W07

Across all the suburbs in Townsville, there were 11,403 real estate advertisements this week. We will look more closely at the activity in different suburbs below.

Top 5 Suburbs by number of real estate advertisements : {‘KIRWAN’: 736, ‘NORTH WARD’: 523, ‘TOWNSVILLE CITY’: 497, ‘JENSEN’: 468, ‘BURDELL’: 462}

Suburbs that consistently show strong levels of advertising are typically more active, allowing buyers and sellers to achieve their objectives in the real estate market more quickly.


There are always suburbs with low advertising volumes. Sometimes these are smaller, more remote suburbs or those that are very tightly held. Buyers and sellers in these markets can experience extended selling and buying periods, exposing them to changes in market conditions whilst they wait for opportunities to transact.

Methods of Sale

Real estate can be advertised and transacted in a variety of different ways. Different markets are more familiar with different methods of sale, experimenting with unique or unpopular methods of sale might bring unintended consequences.

Prices shown on advertisements : 30.1%

Proportion of Auction advertisements : 0.9%

Property Features

Real estate is not a generic asset class. Even within residential real estate, there are a variety of property types and features. Details on the most advertised property types and features from 2023W07 are shown below.

Most Advertised property type this week : house

Number of Bedrooms – Most Advertised : bedsTwo

Number of Bathrooms – Most Advertised : bathsTwo

Real Estate Agencies and Brokers

The selection of real estate agency and the particular real estate broker to undertake a transaction with is important. Agencies with higher advertising volumes get more market awareness which can convert into a greater share of buyer enquiry and a faster deal. Below are the real estate advertising statistics for 2023W07 broken down by agency.

Real Estate Agency – Most Advertisements : Explore Property Townsville

Agency with Most Advertisements (Previous Week) : Explore Property Townsville

Brokers with higher advertising volumes get higher market awareness also. It is important to understand the resourcing of individual brokers though, to ensure that there are sufficient personnel to effectively service the deal.

Real Estate Broker – Most Advertisements : Ken Entriken

Broker with Most Advertisements (Previous Week) : Ken Entriken

About the Publisher

Apcree is a start-up property technology firm based in Townsville, Queensland. Our real estate statistics are managed by one of North Queensland’s most qualified and experienced property economists. The algorithms used to generate our statistics ensure they remain independent and unbiased.


We are proudly “powered by domain” who provide free access to their real estate advertising data.

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