Why are Real Estate Advertisements Important?

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Written By Andrea Apcree

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Advertising gives value to real estate.

The unique characteristics of real estate advertisements offer essential insights into current market conditions and market sentiment. Advertising is often the first visible indication that a property is being offered for sale. Future sales volumes, pricing levels, and transaction rates naturally flow from the initial and ongoing real estate advertising.

Future sales volumes, pricing and transactions all flow from the real estate advertisement.

– Apcree Pty Ltd

What does Apcree do?

Apcree’s mission is “Real Estate. Automatic.” To offer real-time insights, we report on the first leading indicator of the real estate market – the real estate advertisement. Most real estate agents report on what has been sold, a lagging indicator that only provides information on where the market has been – not necessarily where it is going. That is why gathering qualitative and quantitative data on the front end of a transaction is critical to gauging the market.

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Our application collects digital real estate advertising data daily and uses that information to create a weekly set of summary statistics. We then release those insights through our flagship “Townsville Real Estate Advertising – Summary” report appearing weekly across social media channels, news platforms, and our website.

More than just Real Estate Advertising Statistics

Statistics without context or explanation are useless. To enhance your understanding, we add a range of informative data visualisations that graphically demonstrate the weekly statistics. We also add context to the data by providing descriptions of trends and categories we’ve observed.

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Collecting and making sense of these statistics, visualisations, and text takes a lot of work. Our team tracks about 700,000 data points per week in the North Queensland region alone – and our pencil sharpeners and calculators wore out a long time ago! To help gather the latest stats and turn them around quickly, we utilize the latest in Natural Language Processing (AI) to generate content around the statistics. Machine learning and AI technology are cutting-edge, so the wording of the reports might not flow naturally from time to time. However, the statistics are audited for accuracy, and our support service will be able to address any questions you have as you use the report.


Apcree is a start-up property technology firm based in Townsville, Queensland. Our real estate statistics are managed by one of North Queensland’s most qualified and experienced property economists. The algorithms used to generate our statistics ensure they remain independent and unbiased.

We are proudly “powered by domain.com.au” which provides free access to their real estate advertising data. To learn more about Apcree’s growth you can follow us on social media or sign up for one of our research or company reports here.

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